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Our Technologies


Custom engineered 350,000 square foot greenhouse structures that can be replicated worldwide.

Passionately creating an environment in the greenhouse to create a vibrant state of homeostasis for plants to thrive.

Water discoveries & technologies are one of our most valuable assets.


Our greenhouse structures capture rainwater from the rooftops and store it in 2 million gallon cistern tanks.

This rainwater is used for growing as well as other vital discoveries of its use that are of great value to the beverage, flavor and fragrance industry.  A technology that unveiled itself in our intense study of hydroponics.


Advanced vertical growing capabilities to maximize our greenhouse space to get the most price per square foot.


One prime example, we can grow 12,000 acres of mint in ONE 8 acre greenhouse facility.

Advanced organic hydroponic grow methods without the use of pesticides or chemicals increasing the frequency of the water so plants can thrive in homeostasism which allows us to introduce over 80 organic trace element nutrients.


Mastering various grow methods:

ebb and flow

deep water


floating raft


Proprietary organic grow medium bridges the gap between hydroponics and traditional soil farming.

Seed to soil 

We have the ability to grow a vast array of crops for seed in our controlled environment greenhouses applying these technologies and ethically as well as sustainably carrying out the grow process in field crops, using the same technologies transitioned to soil to get the most crop output.


Our most successfully developed grow medium is made of recycled materials & uses ⅔ less water.


Detoxification of the soil for long term planning and sustainability.

Detoxifying the soil with hemp crop rotations with our active hemp grow license throughout Florida.

Thus, not only detoxifying, but replenishing 80 vital nutrient elements back into the soil.

Creating a more sustainable farming model for growing that benefits all future generations resulting in more flavorful, fragrant and nutrient-rich crops.

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